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Raimand PishroNeghar Tabriz

New knowledge in the production process.

Knowledge-based company "Raimand" has become one of the leading manufacturers of industrial refractory products in the Middle East region with the knowledge-based development of its product production process.

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Knowledge based company

Raimand PishroNeghar Tabriz.

We started our activity in 2016 with strong scientific support and the intention to innovate the production of refractory products and all kinds of pigments using the potential of local minerals. With our experience, expertise and technical knowledge in the field of mineral materials and ceramic compounds, which we use to produce high-quality domestic products, we try to localize production and compete with similar foreign products.

  • Knowledge-based research and development
  • Professional localization by the most specialized experts
  • Knowledge-based industrial and professional production


Raimand Products.


Fireproof Products

Competent with all kinds of imported samples and produced in industrialized countries
Fireproof Products



Competent with all kinds of imported samples and produced in industrialized countries

Why Raimand!?

Advantages of choosing Raimand products!?

Raimand's knowledge-based products are used in more than 20 large steel production companies and factories, and today we confidently say that Raimand's products have replaced foreign samples.

Some of our customers.

تصویر مهر و لوگوی رایمند برای صفحه نخست
"High production rate while maintaining quality and meeting the needs of our company on time"
ذوب آهن البرز غرب

Mohammad Rezayi

Aras steel production manager

Achievements of "Raimand"

All that we have acquired over the years of knowledge-based activity.

مجوز واحد فناوری رایمند

Technology unit license

Science and Technology Park


Our latest articles.